Health Awareness

SSDP (Sindh Skills Development Program) has launched a Health Awareness Project in Sindh from August, 2015.

It is observed that Hepatitis B & C are increasing alarmingly in our masses. The main reasons are illiteracy and ignorance of general public about health. Hepatitis B & C is commonly spread by reused syringes in health facilities, reused razor blades by barbers, ear/nose piercing by ladies using reused needles, and dentists' instruments are contaminated and not properly sterilized etc.

Therefore, SSDP initiated a Health Education Program in Secondary Schools of Sindh to raise awareness about Hepatitis B & C and other general Health conditions. So that, students become aware of health issues and they will translate this knowledge in society at large. This will have tremendous long-term benefits in the society

Our trained Health Educator visits schools with a Generator, laptop, multimedia along with two power point presentations ( one on Hepatitis and other on General Health). Our sessions are interactive based.

Update so far about our project

We have completed 7 districts and conducted many sessions in community as well. The districts with number of students attended sessions: Jamshoro:18,600, Thatta : 7,000, Tando.M.Khan: 4,797, Mitiari: 6,000, Tando Allah Yar: 9,051, Hyderabad: 19,027, Naushero Feroz: 21,816, Dadu( few schools): 5,000. Total Students participated:91,291.

Teachers attended sessions; 1,803. Participants in community sessions:2,410. So far we celebrated World Hepatitis Day, 2016 and World Hepatitis Day, 2017, on both days we arranged education programs for journalists and civil society in Hyderabad Press Club. We arranged Teachers Training session in Jamshoro district. A symposium was arranged for the student of the University of Sindh, Jamshoro in September, 2017. It was attended by large number of students, Vice Chancellor of  The University of Sindh, Vice Chancellor of Liaquat Medical University and Head of Community Department of Isra University also delivered lectures. 


Exposure Visit of Priceton University
May 06, 2017

Exposure Visit of Priceton University

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